Birth of the First Ecosocialist International

Sunday, January 28

The Brooklyn Commons

388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn 11217


In November 2017, over 100 delegates representing 19 countries and 12 indigenous nations gathered in the Venezuelan state of Yaracuy to collectively draft a planetary plan of action for the salvation of Mother Earth. Under the maroon leadership of three afro-descendant farming communities in the municipality of Veroes, we made a collective commitment to constitute the First Ecosocialist International: to reverse the destructive process of capitalism; to return to our origins and recuperate the ancestral spirituality of humanity; to live in peace, and end war.

The Ecosocialist International is not a single organization or entity, but rather a common program of struggle, with moments of encounter and exchange, which anyone may join by committing themselves or their movements to fulfilling one or more of the many actions outlined in our shared plan of action.

We invite you all to The Brooklyn Commons on Sunday, January 28th, at 7pm for an evening of conversation and live music, where founding delegates from the gathering will share their experiences from Venezuela and their plans for the future.

When: Sunday, January 28th, 7pm-9pm
Where: The Brooklyn Commons, 388 Atlantic Avenue, NY 11217
Who: Ecosocialist Horizons, a new black art movement, Bolivarian Circle Alberto Lovera NYC…
With live music from Nejma Nefertiti and the Truth and Dare Orchestra, featuring Daro Behroozi, Naeemah Z.Maddox and Quincy Saul…

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Beer, wine, coffee, tea, cocoa, kambucha and a range of snacks will be available for sale at the Commons Cafe.

More information:
“The First Ecosocialist International: Combined Strategy and Plan of Action”:

“The Cry of Mother Earth” music video:

“El Grito de la Madre Tierra” international hip hop collaboration:

“From the Plan of the Homeland to a Plan for the Planet”:

a new black arts movement:

The Brookln Commons:

Ecosocialist Horizons:

Poster derived from artwork by Mikaela Gonzalez


2 thoughts on “Birth of the First Ecosocialist International

  1. In seeking approbation of the Rights of Mother Earth it must be understood that the great challenge is to fight ‘natural capital’ and ‘ecosystem services’ thinking among the many environmental NGOs that may also share a spoken commitment the “Rights of Nature”. I’m speaking of the groups like the IUCN, Earth Economics, TrueCost, The Nature Conservancy, CERES, and EcoTrust. To fight these deeply compromised groups we must ask challenging questions of groups like CELDF and the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature about threats posed by ‘natural capital’, ‘ecosystem services’, and the broader conservation industrial complex.

    Posted by empathiser | January 20, 2018, 11:28 pm
  2. Peace good people. My comrade Mama C put me up on you all. I cannot be there but I must be in solidarity with your work.

    I’m releasing my album in Portland Oregon tonight and intend to be in common spirit with you.
    Let’s connect soon.

    Posted by Mic Crenshaw | January 27, 2018, 6:10 pm

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