Food Sovereignty in Venezuela

On this page, we will feature articles, links, and additional resources on food, agriculture, and social programs in Venezuela.  Please check back soon, as we will be building this page and adding to it frequently.  Here are a few articles to start off:


VENEZUELA AND THE BATTLE AGAINST TRANSGENIC SEEDS, Council on Hemispheric Affairs, December-6 20013, by William Camacaro and Fred Mills

The Venezuelan Effort to Build a New Food and Agriculture System, Monthly Review, July-August 2009, by Christina Schiavoni and William Camacaro

A Vision of Food Sovereignty for Venezuela, In Motion Magazine, by Christina Schiavoni, December, 2007

Reflections on Venezuela: Food, Health, Democracy, and a Hope for a Better World, MR Zine, by Fred Magdoff, February 2008

The Bolivarian Process Revealed in a Place Called Chuao,, by Larry Hales,  August, 2008

Land for People not for Profit in Venezuela,, by Gregory Wilpert, August, 2005


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