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The FAO Recognizes Venezuela in the Struggle against Hunger


Translated by Revolution Alimentaria

Caracas, 21 April 2015 – The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, confirmed that he will go to Rome, Italy in June to receive, on behalf of the revolutionary government, recognition by the FAO as an example for the world in the battle against hunger and for the eradication of poverty.

“I will be there, this coming June, I will receive this recognition in the name of the people. We have received this invitation (because) we are recognized as the government that has done the most to eradicate hunger and poverty.

The president highlighted the efforts made through the revolution to attend to the needs of the people.

“The Great Housing Mission of Venezuela has reached 700,000 in order to bring dignity to the Venezuelan family. Now we must consolidate the productive comunas so that every community can move forward with its socio-productive projects. In each housing complex there should be all of the social missions so that each person has the opportunity to succeed.”

He added that this year the number of people who receive housing will reach one million: “This is the daily reality that we must manifest. The example of Francisca, who received her housing is an example of the thousands who, like her, must continue forming their homes with values of love, of solidarity, to build the homeland.”

The president recalled the words of comandante Chávez who said that the next revolutionary government should be in the streets with the people building the projects of the homeland.
“And that is what we have done over the past two years – we have been in the streets – the people together with the government of “efficiency in the streets.”
VTV/Prensa Presidencial

Translated from http://www.vtv.gob.ve/articulos/2015/04/22/fao-reconoce-a-venezuela-como-ejemplo-en-la-lucha-contra-el-hambre-4450.html


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