Bolivarian Revolution increased by one million hectares of arable land


By Correo Del Orinoco

May 17, 2013 – The Minister of Popular Power for Agriculture and Lands, Yvan Gil, said Thursday that during these past 14 years, the Bolivarian Revolution has increased by one million hectares of arable land in Venezuela for the production of food.

During a day of Government Street, held in Barinas headed by President Nicolas Maduro, Gil said that thanks to the effort that Commander Hugo Chavez put in agriculture we increased from one million 500 thousand to two million 500 thousand hectares of arable land.

“In these 14 years in almost all areas (food) have reached record levels of production,” he said.

He noted that this year, the Barinas state is spending 540 million bolivars of which have been delivered in financings Bs 236 million to 2,261 farmers and peasants, through the Great Mission AgroVenezuela.

Finally, he indicated that Barinas state has a production of rice close to 10 000 kilos per hectare. “The best seed we are producing is in Barinas,” he said.



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