Ecuador and Venezuela improve negotiation of agricultural products

The visit of the Venezuelan delegation was possible thanks to the commitments made between the Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patiño, and his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, as part of the meeting held in Caracas on May 14, 2012.

On that occasion, they pledged to increase bilateral trade and generate the first short-term initiatives to supply Venezuela with Ecuador overproduction of paddy, yellow corn, and cover the Venezuelan demand for powdered milk, among other products.

Prior to the signing of any sale contract between Venezuela and Ecuador, a delegation of experts of the House Corporation under the Ministry of Popular Power of Food in Venezuela, visited our country to assess and validate the processes in the production, storage and distribution of paddy rice and yellow corn, as well as quinoa, milk powder and tuna, they also learn about other nutritional products made from cocoa and coffee.

Technicians visited the Rice and Corn Storage Units Quevedo, Ventanas and Daule, and processing plants of quinoa bars in Carcelén of the FORTESAN Company, the milk powder factory milking, chocolate bars and banana of the company TULICORP.SA and soluble freeze-dried coffee of the Solubles Instantáneos Company.

The commission emphasized that Venezuela is evaluating the potential and capabilities, as well as the possibility of exchange of knowledge between companies of both countries to see the experience, dynamics, and requirements that are required for products.

Meanwhile, Marcus Mendez, director of the Office of the President of the Venezuelan Food Corporation (CVAL) under the Ministry of Agriculture of Venezuela, stressed the need to foster economic and agricultural development, through the exchange of technology and knowledge between the two countries. “The experience with Quinoa is very good.

Since in our country we do not have the agro-ecological conditions to produce it, so we want to acquire it”, he said.

The tour included a visit to the Minister of Agriculture, Javier Ponce, who urged to establish techniques that allow roundtables to analyze the established quality parameters and see the sales capacity of Ecuador. He further commented the policy of the Government on the supply chain. “The chains must become value chains. Not only to maintain national SILOS, but to establish SILOS associations and individual small rural facilities to regulate the price and maintain a continuous supply throughout the year. That is, level the excess of supply at a time and the shortage in another one “, he said.
The Minister also emphasized the need for farmers’ organizations to establish direct relations in the export process. “We try to do this with corn, rice, quinoa and milk”, he said.


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