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Food Production Surpluses for Export in Bolivia

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La Paz, May 23 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia will export food after a surplus registered in corn, soy and rice crops, and the production of beef, Planning and Development Minister Teresa Morales said in a report presented on Wednesday.

The country registered a 30-percent growth in grains and beef production by 2011 and the first months of 2012, which urge to export, Morales stated.

According to the report, there are no places to stockpile those productions, mainly grains, to urgently seek markets beyond the borders.

The problem takes place almost over one year after the country was obliged to import rice and sugar.

The current situation is unprecedented in Bolivia, which has 1.06 hectares of cultivated lands, as the country never had to export its production surplus, or achieved so much plenty of foods in 187 years of history.

The highest rates were reached with rice, yellow corn and soy, the productions of which the domestic market has been guaranteed, the report noted.

According to the Bolivian News Agency, Deputy Rural Development and Agricultural Minister Victor Vazquez stated that governmental and private policies, aimed at encouraging agricultural production, achieved that Bolivia could be presented as an exporter of grains and meat.

However, rice, even drying firewood, will be exported to Peru, as that technique closes the markets in the United States, Chile and Colombia, Vazquez said.

The minister stated so far that the potential destinations for exporting Bolivian food go through achieving accords with Cuba, Venezuela and Peru.


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