Mission AgroVenezuela to Strengthen Food Security For the Next Two Years

Mission AgroVenezuela to Strengthen Food Security For the Next Two Years

Mission AgroVenezuela was created to add wills of individuals, families, farmers and producers to produce more food so as to strengthen the food security of the country in the next two years, said Monday the Minister of People’s Power for Agriculture and Lands John Loyo.

He recalled: “Those involved in the agricultural sector and have productive land, including urban agriculture, and are willing to produce food for the country, can participate in this mission.”

He added that the register initially aims to know the reality of producers in the country to develop strategies to give them the tools to increase food production.

“One of the objectives of the mission is to ensure the harvest and the implementation of distribution policies so that products can reach consumers,” he added.

He stressed that with Mission AgroVenezuela they expect a food production increase from nine million to 12 or 14 million approximately in the next two years. We will achieve this “goal if we combine will and thereby ensure that the production reaches each consumption centers of our nation.”

In the task of increasing food production in the country, Minister Loyo said that through international agreements with Argentina, Brazil, Belarus, Uruguay and Iran they have purchased of grain crops, obtained technology transfer, agricultural mechanization and provision of animals, among others, which have contributed to improve production in the field.

He explained that a lot of combine harvesters will soon come from Argentina thanks to the agreements on agriculture signed with that country.


One thought on “Mission AgroVenezuela to Strengthen Food Security For the Next Two Years

  1. viva la revolucion, solo trae progreso a nuestro pais

    Posted by veronica urdaneta | April 18, 2011, 7:03 pm

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