Venezuelan Farmers Celebrate Debt Relief from Government

The Venezuelan farmers and small producers expressed their satisfaction for the debt relief measure adopted by the Government to the whole people that lost their crops as a consequence of the intense rains that swept the national territory at the end of the past year.

Juan Rafael Piñango, spokesman of the Farmers and Indigenous United Revolutionary Front, underscored that the benefit granted by the Executive branch, added to the agricultural financing, will allow farmers to recover their crops in short period of time.

“We, the farmers, feel proud of having a Government with a real democracy. This Enabling Law benefits us because a lot of farmers lost their crops due to rains, but our President (Hugo Chavez) is giving us the help and support we need,” he said.

He pointed out that the efforts are now focused on recovering as soon as possible the crops ruined by the heavy rains, so as to return to a normal situation and return to the high productive levels reached in the past years thanks to the revolutionary agricultural policies.

“We are doing any necessary effort, jointly with our institutions from the revolution, to normalize the situation and to make the fields productive again,” he stated.

Likewise, he underscored that thanks to governmental support, farmers are currently receiving all the social benefits established within the Constitution and for such reason there is happiness and joy in Venezuelan fields.

“Thanks to this revolutionary process, our brother farmers live happier; nowadays, they count on technical assistance, the support from the State,” he stressed.

January, 26, 2011


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