The Journal of Peasant Studies Explores Food Sovereignty; Urban Ag Gains Ground in Venezuela

If you haven’t already, check out the latest edition of the Journal of Peasant Studies, which includes a “Grassroots Voices” section entirely devoted to food sovereignty!  Included among the fantastic selection of articles edited by Raj Patel is an interview with Via Campesina leader Paul Nicholson and an article by yours truly (on the relevance of food sovereignty here in NYC (see “The global struggle for food sovereignty: from Nyéléni to New York”).  Let us know what you think!

In other food sovereignty news, the urban agriculture movement is spreading slowly but surely in Caracas, Venezuela, where community members of the 23 de Enero neighborhood, through their community council, recently inaugurated a new community garden.  Part of their first harvest was used to make traditional holiday hallacas (yum!), while the rest was sold to other community members at “solidarity prices.”  Meanwhile, our friend Miguel Angel Nuñez from Merida, Venezuela also reports that school gardens are gaining popularity thanks to the national Todas las Manos a la Siembra (“All Hands to Harvest”) initiative (more on that to come!).

Community garden in 23 de Enero neighborhood. Photo credit: Edwin Montilva/Ciudad CCS


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