A New Year of Blog Posts!

Happy New Year to all, and apologies for the hiatus in posts to those who have stopped by over the past several months.  The good news is that we’ve committed ourselves to posting weekly starting right now.

Here’s some of what to expect in the weeks and months to come:

  • Photos and reports from a recent food sovereignty delegation to  Bolivia and ongoing coverage of advances in food sovereignty there
  • Continued coverage of the struggle being led by Honduran campesinos to regain sovereignty following the coup
  • Coverage of major battles ahead over corporate domination of the food system, including a series of antitrust hearings and related events in the US
  • Continued coverage of advances in food sovereignty in Venezuela, building off of our recent article in the Monthly Review.  (Check out the new network of socialist-run arepa restaurants with affordable arepas made with 100% Venezuelan cornmeal from socialist food processing plants (now how cool is that?!))
  • Food sovereignty responses to the food, climate and economic crises
  • Posts in Spanish as well as English

Warm wishes, and let’s work together towards peace, justice, and food sovereignty in 2010! –Christina & William

Here's a food sovereignty highlight from '09: Dena Hoff and Eduardo Garcia accept the 2009 Food Sovereignty Prize on behalf of La Via Campesina before a standing ovation at the Community Food Security Coalition's annual conference in Des Moines, Iowa, October, '09. Photo by Carlos Marentes.


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