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The High Cost of Cheap Labor

By Brian Barth on February 21, 2017 From Modern Farmer At least half of all farmworkers in the United States are undocumented Mexican immigrants. And “documentation” often dictates inclusion in a guest-worker program that’s been compared to slavery. Americans avoid these jobs, yet elected a president who promised mass deportation. There’s a crisis brewing in … Continue reading

Creating a society that meets human needs

How might economic needs be met in a post-capitalist society? Is it possible to eliminate markets and make production choices democratically? From Climate and Capitalism by Sam Friedman There is a growing suspicion among many people involved in movements against war, for social justice, and for an ecologically sustainable society that capitalism can only create … Continue reading

Urban Agriculture and the Production of Plenty for the Many

By LORENA FREITEZ – MINISTER OF POPULAR POWER FOR URBAN AGRICULTURE, January 6th 2017 The Economy Affects Us, Can We Affect [the Economy]? For the majority, the greatest trouble of our current political-economic conflict is the feeling that the economy affects us and seemingly, that we cannot affect the economy. [The economy] has us convinced … Continue reading

Breastfeeding Rates Increase by 536% in Venezuela thanks to Promotion and Support in the Bolivarian Revolution

Translated from original article here by Yvke Mundial/Anais Lucena: Breastfeeding rates in Venezuela, which were at 7% in the 1990s, have risen to 44% at present, which represents an increase of 536% over the course of the Bolivarian Revolution. This represents positive results and important advances in the politics of this issue, which has been … Continue reading

The Venezuelan Food Sovereignty Experiment

As I wandered through the streets of Caracas on my first trip to Venezuela nine years ago, a huge urban farm in the midst of concrete high-rises caught my attention. It wasn’t tucked away on a side street or in a residential area, but was right out in the middle of the bustling downtown. I … Continue reading

Venezuelan Gov’t Distributes 4.5 Tons of Subsidized Food

TELESUR Venezuela’s government food programs have been credited with dramatically reducing hunger across the country. Venezuela’s state run food programs handed out more than 4.5 tons of produce in 2014, food minister Yvan Bello announced Tuesday. Bello explained the food was distributed at fair prices, as a way to fight back against the economic war against … Continue reading

Maduro Defends Venezuelan Commune’s Land Rights in Face of Supreme Court Mandate

By Z.C. DUTKA Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced on Friday his staunch support of the agricultural commune El Maizal after their communal property title was revoked by a Supreme Court judge earlier that week. Initially, communards of El Maizal rejected the December 9 court decision and called on Maduro and other government bodies to uphold … Continue reading

A Conversation With Andrianna Natsoulas About Her New Book, “Food Voices”

By KATRINA MOORE,  FOOD SOVEREIGNTY, FOOD VOICES WhyHunger is pleased to be partnering with Andrianna Natsoulas, longtime food sovereignty activist and author of the book Food Voices: Stories From the People Who Feed Us. In 2010, Andrianna began a journey across the Americas to capture the stories of people working towards and living a just … Continue reading

Insecticides put world food supplies at risk, say scientists

Regulations on pesticides have failed to prevent poisoning of almost all habitats, international team of scientists concludes Damian Carrington Source: The Guardian The world’s most widely used insecticides have contaminated the environment across the planet so pervasively that global food production is at risk, according to a comprehensive scientific assessment of the chemicals’ impacts. The … Continue reading

The politics of food and poverty

Source: Climate & Capitalism The global food crisis is tightly connected to global poverty, climate change, ecological destruction, migrant workers, imperialism, health and the super-exploitation of workers. Left Unity describes itself as “the new party of the left in Britain – established to offer an alternative to the main parties’ agenda of blaming the poorest … Continue reading