Venezuela Produces 95% of the Rice it Consumes

Orinoco Tribune

During an inspection of the planting of grains, and specifically of ​​rice, for the 2021 winter cycle, the Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, reported that Venezuela produces more than 95% of the rice that reaches Venezuelan households. From the Gran Cacique Yare Agricultural Production Unit, in the state of Aragua, Faiez Kassen Castillo, vice minister for Agrarian Development and Land Management, made a satellite connection with the Potrero de Armo sector, in the Araure municipality, of the Portuguesa state, and reported that the rice crop is in its final phase.

“We are monitoring the winter cycle in the rice field and this sector, that has an area of ​​more than 850 hectares, is part of the 14,000 [hectares] that have been confirmed for the sowing and production of different crops in the area, overcoming difficulties,” said Kassen Castillo.

During a working meeting dedicated to the productive economy that satisfies needs and strengthens national agricultural output, Venezuela’s head of state pointed out that “we work with love, discipline, and faith to strengthen the country’s economy.”

For his part, Elvis Padilla, Production Manager of Agropecuaria RR, pointed out that the 90-hectare lot in which rice is produced “was planted at the beginning of May with its own specifications. We have produced a good crop and we estimate that more than six thousand kilograms of rice can be obtained per hectare.”

In this regard, he specified that at certain times of the year the hectares are used “to not only sow rice, but also beans, which allows greater food production from the land.”

It is important to point out that the rice, once harvested, is processed by the Venezuelan company Inproa Santoni CA, said Padilla, “and in this way reaches all the tables in Venezuelan homes.”

Featured image: Field in Aragua state. Photo courtesy of Prensa Presidencial.

(Alba Ciudad)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune



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