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The project “Rescue of Vanguardia bees” starts in Lara


With the objective of improving the quality of life and the environment of the Larense community, Industrias Maros, CA, has begun to develop a program in conjunction with “Vanguardia Bee Rescue”, an initiative that seeks to preserve the species of Native Bees Without Sting. (ANSA), in Lara state; This activity is part of the social action tasks carried out by the Venezuelan food products company, through “Natulac en Verde”, of the Take Life Seriously social program.PUBLICIDAD

 The “Vanguardia Bee Rescue” project is a conservation initiative that was born in 2020, by the hand of a group of volunteers led by Diana Domínguez and Henry Gonzalez, inhabitants of the Morán municipality, who detected the need to protect the swarms of these insects in urbanizations or hamlets, where the practice is to burn or eliminate them.

Diana Dominguez explains that these insects are vital to conserve biodiversity, and are considered one of the most important living beings on the planet, because they contribute to the preservation of existing crops, thanks to the pollination they do when they transfer pollen from a male flower to female, to give flowers and fruits.

“It is common to observe honeycombs in houses, urban planning, construction sites and company sheds, which are exterminated by people who do not have the knowledge or equipment to handle them and remove them from those places safely,” says Domínguez.

Moving bees to safe places

Industrias Maros CA has joined this conservation project through the financial contribution for the acquisition of suits, smokers, drawers and other tools that are required for the effective rescue of bees and their safe extraction. For these maneuvers, Domínguez explains that it is necessary to have equipment such as a technified box, which allows its transfer to safe spaces and without risk to the apiary or apiary.

These places are far from hamlets and inhabited areas, to avoid causing concern to the community. With these transfers, stings are also avoided, which in allergic people can cause death in minutes.  

“The objective of the Vanguardia Bee Rescue project is to rescue them and take them to a safe and suitable place. To do this, we have land in the Morán municipality, in the Humocaro Bajo sector, which is distanced around any settlement, as a security measure. We also have another piece of land in the Palavecino municipality, Cabudare, Guamacire sector, says Henry González.

So far, the project has carried out three rescues of bees Apis Melífera; one of them was at the Morán municipality outpatient clinic, a health center where numerous patients with bites have been treated.

In addition to Industrias Maros, CA, the alliance was also established with the firefighters and the Palavecino municipality, to be in constant communication in the event of an emergency call due to the appearance of a swarm.

People who want to join this initiative, either by reporting colonies of bees in their home, or in support of the activity, can contact the volunteers of this project, through the Instagram account @rescatedeabejasvanguardia or contact the WhatsApp number 0424 5545 290.


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