Opencast day attended for more than 3 thousand for families of the Sucre parish in Caracas



A total of 3,500 families from the El Limón sector, located on the Caracas-La Guaira highway, were served this Saturday through the Sovereign Field Fair through which 42 metric tons of food were sold.

“Thanks to the organized Popular Power, the Bolivarian Militia and all the social actors, who are involved in strengthening the social fabric of the food day that took place in the El Limón sector,” said Deputy Minister of Food, Jessica Ruíz.

For his part, the Executive Vice President of Mercal, Froilan Merentes, added that the National Government works tirelessly to benefit Venezuelan families with the sale of basic basket products at solidarity prices.

Merentes said that all the entities that make up the Ministry of Popular Power for Food as: Mercado de Alimentos C.A. (Mercal), National Institute of Nutrition (INN), Red Venezuela, PDVAL, among others, comply with the guidelines issued by President Nicolás Maduro, and the holder of the food portfolio M / G Carlos Leal Tellería, to strengthen food policies .

Grateful People

Carmen López, beneficiary, said that the National Executive supports the popular sectors of the country and provides social protection, through the different food programs developed throughout Venezuela.

While, Ernesto Suárez, said that “through the food days he and his family can buy food at solidarity prices.”


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