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Breastfeeding Rates Increase by 536% in Venezuela thanks to Promotion and Support in the Bolivarian Revolution


Translated from original article here by Yvke Mundial/Anais Lucena:

Breastfeeding rates in Venezuela, which were at 7% in the 1990s, have risen to 44% at present, which represents an increase of 536% over the course of the Bolivarian Revolution.

This represents positive results and important advances in the politics of this issue, which has been promoted since the presidency of Hugo Chávez, from the creation of campaigns to laws that support and guarantee this right.

This was stated by Alexandra Páez, a nutritionist and member of the National Nutrition Institute, who noted that, “more than simply a matter of feeding, we understand it and we promote it (breastfeeding) as an act of food security and food sovereignty.”

“Our policy is focused on research and statistics collection in order to be able to do promotional campaigns, added Páez.

As part of World Breastfeeding Week, whose theme is “Breastfeeding and work: Let’s make it work,” diverse activities took place across the country to promote the importance of this “first act of love.”


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