Climate Change, Venezuela

Thousands of Environmentalists Marched for Peace and Life, they were received by President Maduro.




Translation Revolucion Alimentaria

This Saturday environmental groups marched in Caracas to show their support to the Bolivarian government and it’s environmental protection policies. The groups marched to reject the violence and crimes that are being committed against the environment by ultra right groups who cut down trees indiscriminately in order to use the bark to burn it, thus shutting down streets and avenues.


They also spoke out against the mistreatment of animals. Animal Rights activists condemned the burning of dogs and cats.

The march started at the Ali Primera Park (east of the capital) and continued to the Palace of Miraflores (the government’s offices) at the center of Caracas, where President Nicolas Maduro received the marchers in order to put together strategies to protect and preserve the environment from the violent right wing opposition. During the activities which were held in the Casa del Pueblo (House of the People), the marchers gave the President a letter outlining their condemnation towards the people that carry out violence, cut down trees, and commit atrocious acts against animals.




President Nicolas Maduro highlighted the importance of strengthening an eco-socialist consciousness and organizing the social movements with this focus in mind in order to protect and preserve the environment, which is the fifth point in the Plan de la Patria 2013-2019 (Plan for the Country) document and a legacy of former President Chavez. He thus announced the formation of an eco-socialist school that would be called, “Escuela Nacional de Líderes Hugo Chavez” (The Hugo Chavez National School of Leaders)

“It would be a public school of leaders and also a tribute to President Chavez,” he stated from the Miraflores Palace, where he greeted the marchers from diverse organizations and environmental movements who mobilized as a form of resistance to the burning of trees by violent groups with the purpose of blocking roads.






The Commander and Chief urged the eco-socialist leaders to do a door to door drive in order to raise consciousness and explain to everyone how to connect to the environment.  “For example, who takes care of the Henry Pittier Park? We have to create a consciousness of the importance of the rivers, river basins, the trees, the parks,” he said on national radio and television. A total of 80 ecologists and environmental movements were present at the Government House to reject the ecocide perpetrated by the right wings.

Some 5,000 trees have been cut down to make barricades and at least 300 fires have occurred across the country, including in the Warairarepano national park, which covers the Capital of Venezuela, as part of the fascist and violent agenda promoted by anti-government sectors.

He highlighted the need to stay connected to nature and its habitat and restated the call to form a powerful movement that will preserve the environment and the planet.

In this regard, he suggested the creation of a congressional constituent of environmental movements to come together on May 10th. “A congressional constituent, and let us form a great unified movement that incorporates all the social movements of the country,” he added.

Mission Tree

“Mission Tree” will plant a total of 3.5 million trees this year, according to the Minister for the Environment, Miguel Leonardo Rodriguez, during the meeting. In this regard, the Head of State invited the eco-socialist movement, the members of the Movement for Peace and Life, as well as students from across the country to join this cause as volunteers.

To achieve the goal, Maduro approved 40 million bolivars to be used for logistics, seeds and other inputs necessary for planting these trees. He also proposed to strengthen the National System of National Parks and National Monuments.







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