Venezuelans consume 25.7 million tons of food per year

Caracas, 16 Oct. AVN.- Venezuelans consume about 25.7 million tons of food per year, representing an increase of 60 per cent during the last 10 years, informed Tuesday the vice-president of the economic productive area, Ricardo Menendez.

In a press conference, Menendez informed that the increase has a positive impact on the average life expectancy of Venezuelans, as well as in other variables.

“The average life expectancy of all inhabitants have increase by more than two years. In Revolution, we have more life, children have larger sizes, more life expectancy,” he added.

In addition, Menendez said that food security is supported by 22,000 food distribution centers nationwide, through the networks Mercal and PDVAL.

A few days ago, PDVAL vice-president Herber Aguilar informed that 80 per cent of the food items sold by this network in its facilities and in open-air markets are manufactured by cooperative companies and public and private companies.


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