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Mission Tree: Six Years Boosting Eco-Socialism in Venezuela

Mission Tree: Six Years Boosting Eco-Socialism in Venezuela

Today, Mission Tree, Venezuela’s national reforestation program, celebrates its sixth anniversary promoting environmentalism and giving people the possibility to build a model of development that helps recover and preserve wooded areas in Venezuela.
On June 4, 2006, Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez launched this mission to rescue and preserve the country’s wooded areas through reforestation efforts to protect agro-forest and commercial-industrial areas.Through the program, communities throughout the country present proposals for protecting the environment and preserving drinking water and biodiversity. These efforts are possible thanks to the conservationist committees that work in each state with support of the government.

The program was created to guarantee biodiversity, water production, and boost socialist ethical values.

Since its creation, Mission Tree has formed 1,696 conservationist committees, produced over 43.4 million plants and collected 138,202 kilograms of seeds in different initiatives throughout the country.

According to the Vice Minister of Environmental Conservation, Alexander Cegarra, Mission Tree has recovered 31,266 hectares through different plantation activities throughout the country, and has employed 46,952 people since 2006.

By late April 2012, the mission had collected 12,445 kilograms of seeds, surpassing the goal established earlier this year.

Wooded areas recovered by Mission Tree include parts of the Venezuelan plains region and national parks like Waraira Repano, the “lung” of Caracas, and Henry Pittier Park in the coastal state of Aragua.

Goals for 2013

Trees reduce pollution, cool the air and refresh the environment. For this reason, Mission Tree has set a goal for next year of planting 7.95 million plants over 13,263 hectares, and 72,000 trees.

Also next year, the program will finance 724 new conservationist committees, open 604 nurseries and create new environmental “brigades” to help to maintain plantations throughout the country.

National actions to collect and plant seeds will continue, helping to protect the ecosystem and recover areas damaged by deforestation.


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