Chavez urges to boost agriculture, food production in Venezuela

Caracas, 13 Mar. AVN.- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged to boost agriculture and food production in the country amid strategies that shall be envisaged in the government program 2013-2019.

One of the goals is to become Venezuela a great power of the American continent, Chavez said, so he called to emphasize particularly the Grand Mission Knowledge and Labor for the training in agricultural matters.

“Plenty of this is necessary. Training for agriculture and fishing, not only in the sea but also breeding fishes,” said the President during a phone call aired in local television from Havana, Cuba, to central state of Vargas, where kicked off the training phase of the Mission Knowledge and Labor.

President Chavez entrusted his Cabinet to join these actions with People’s Power and he requested the creation of a strategic project.

Resources for trainers

The Venezuelan president also expressed to be pleased for the installation of Mission Knowledge and Labor camps, where will be trained thousands of citizens in crucial areas for the country’s development.

He detailed that over 700,000 people registered in the second phase of the Mission and he reminded that the third phase will take place between March 17th and April 1st in the states of Yaracuy, Aragua, Carabobo, Monagas, Anzoategui, Sucre, Nueva Esparta, Bolivar, Amazonas and Delta Amacuro.

The collaboration of the Bolivarian National Armed Force in the program, whose main training areas are housing and agriculture, was another aspect stood out by the President.

Chavez called on all benefited people to organize into commissions: “I think it is very positive that those (commissions) appear from compatriots themselves. I see many young and others not so much young people there, but willing to work and study.”

Professional fees of Knowledge and Labor trainers will be paid through 71.4 million bolivares approved by the Executive, resources which will be also used to cover the costs of materials for the first training phase.

These resources are withdrawn from a fund created for the mission, which has almost 5 billion bolivares and which “we are distributing fairly. To each according to his needs, it means, we help that who needs it the more.”

The Grand Mission Knowledge and Labor aims at changing the productive model and reducing unemployment rate in the country. It is divided in the following phases: training, legal-institutional change and creating a new production platform.

Allowances, scholarships

President Hugo Chavez informed the approval of 583 million 131 thousand 744 bolivares to bestow allowances for workers and scholarships to those who are trained in the Grand Mission Knowledge and Labor.

The allowances will be granted in two ways. First, a monthly assignment of 430 bolivares for those who undergo a theoretical and practical training process, but who are not yet in the labor market. The other will be a monthly assignment of one thousand bolivares for those who are in the training process but at the same time have joined to a job of the mission.


Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, informed that he will return the country before this week ends.

“God willing, before this week finishes, I shall be physically with you. My whole being and heart is with the Venezuelan people,” he said.

President Chavez is in the Caribbean island recovering from a surgery he underwent last February 27th.

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