Venezuela Among Countries with Highest Per Capita Food Consumption

“We have met with ambassadors from different countries to analyze food data in Venezuela, which has led us to determine that we have the advantage of being one of the countries with the highest per capita food consumption,” said Venezuela’s Minister of Food, Carlos Osorio.

During a televised interview, Osorio said that Venezuela consumes twice as much animal and vegetal protein, cereals, rice, corn and precooked corn meal than some other countries.

Osorio, together with Agriculture Minister Juan Carlos Loyo said that Venezuela has the third highest rate of consumption of many wheat products such as pasta, bread and wheat flour.

Additionally, the minister of food said that 80 percent of Venezuelans eat three times a day, according to research conducted by the National Institute of Statistics in populous sectors of the country.

Meanwhile, 16.2 percent eats three or more times per day, and 3.4 percent of the population eats only twice.

“This wasn’t the case under previous governments, when a great amount of the population would go hungry,” Osorio said.


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