Meeting of farmers in the state Cojedes/San Carlos Venezuela

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One thought on “IMG_0435

  1. Tom Baker here, Chicago USA (GO CUBS) and it is very important that this MOBILIZATION continue. We, the STUPID White People of the North have little understanding as to how extensively our minds have been programmed by the BIG LIE of Democracy USA. It is not a how we can help you (all we got or had was money – no more as Corporate America ALL for a Few NOTHING for anybody else DOMINATES EVERYTHING). You are to tell us what to do.

    I know: organize organize organize – – Is this what you did?
    Yes. At great risk and many of you were murdered by State or its paramilitary goons with Made in the USA sphisticated weapons and LOTS of help from the US Government (USAID, Department of “Defense”)

    Few of us up here have that integrated into our think. We are STUPID and scared beyond rational discussion.
    We thought we were free only to find out we are in a prison, the Prison of Delusion. (It’s okay if you got a new car)

    People DID NOT vote FOR Trump, they voted AGAINST Hillary and all the Wall Street BULLSHIT she represents.

    (Bernie Sanders would be President except for the crooked shit the rich rich Democrats and their wanna-be rich rich richer Clintons pulled)
    (IMO)(knowing what I know) We would have had a future worth believing in.

    Posted by Thomas Baker | November 13, 2016, 4:04 am

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